Rigas, Latvia

With a short detour to Stegna to see the Baltic sea and having to drive around  Kaliningrad Oblast, the Russian exclave between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea.

To avoid using one of our entries in to Russia. It was a long ride.


Rigas – a small pleasant city but no match for Gdansk beauty.

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Poland is a beautiful clean organize country  and Gdansk is a pleasure to visit.  The people were friendly, the city is very special and well-kept and the food was great.

What more can you ask for ?


Checking things out and right in front of a great restaurant.

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Poznan, Poland

The drive was smooth and just clean, pleasant, country-side views. Our first stop in Poland is a small place and not very exciting the weather was not the best.  But it was only to prepare us for a very special place. Riga our next stop.

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The bridge is called the Blue Wonder Bridge  built in 1891-1893IMG_1246

The oldest Japanese Tree in Germany  brought  over in 1779   on the winter time they roll the glass house over it to prevent it from freezingIMG_1259L1040724


Famous relatives