Atyrau Kazakhstan


We did not do much sightseeing in Aturau since this is where the mission impossible  part ONE took place

In addition to Dennis we were hosted  by the wonderful couple of Ruslan and Saule  we had some great Sushi ( yes great ) and good Italian food lunch.






We were very lucky to visit Moscow during their national holiday

The National Day of the Russian Federation , Russia Day commemorates the formal adoption, on June 12 1991 of the Declaration of Sovereignty of the Russian Federation which declared Russia’s “independence” from the USSR.

If you want to visit Moscow this is the perfect date the weather is great and Moscow is empty since most people go out of town for the holiday and the traffic is great.



Moscow Metro

What an amazing people pumping system this is.

It is so very big, so very fast and efficient  and to top this off some of the stations are magnificent .

Oh I forgot to mention how deep it is. When you ride some of this escalators down you are wondering where they are taking you.

It is also amazing how old most of the equipment is. But how well it all seems all to work.

It is all just impressive.

L1050292 L1050289 L1050274 L1050285 L1050288 L1050162 L1050165 L1050157 L1050160 L1050151 IMG_0381 L1050150 IMG_0375 IMG_0379 IMG_0374 IMG_0367

Tallinn, Estonia


What a pleasant city this is.  It would have been lovely to spend a couple of more days here just to relax and enjoy it.

The people were very pleasant and helpful.

The old city has many small shops and local restaurants as a matter of fact the team had one of our best meals so far.

An elk dish that was great.