The Impossible Mission


Our transmission problems and subsequent rescue by superhero Dennis and his superhero team!

The transmission on our G gave us very early signs of trouble back in Dresden, slipping between 2nd and 3rd. But it cleared up on it’s own, as intermittent problems do.

Communications with Mercedes home base seemed to indicate that a part changed in Germany during maintenance could be the reason for the problem. A quick and efficient stop at a Mercedes shop in Poland seem to confirm this assumption.

While traveling through Kazakstan with a more-or-less stable transmission, we were able to contact our super hero, Dennis, who managed to find the part in Almaty. Dennis also manages to find a master mechanic in Atyrau who has a Mercedes diagnostic computer, even though he is not a Mercedes shop.

Everything sounds good, and while our transmission its slipping more often, we know we will change the part soon and it will only take maybe a few hours or a day, maximum.

Superhero Dennis meet us in Uralsk to give us further assistance, bringing along his superhero colleague, a Russian. On the way to Atayraus the transmission is got worst but slowly but we made it and first thing in the morning we were at the magical repair shop of Wizard Andy. The following pictures will give you a view of what a wizard’s workshop looks like.

To sum it all up: After changing the suspected part and getting to know our transmission in a more intimate way,  the wizard Andrew diagnosed our problems and a decision was made to give it 3 more days. Andy predicted that he could let us have our G in fine working order on Friday if some more parts could be found.

Superhero Dennis went to work on our parts issues and not once but twice managed to find the parts that were needed, and had them flown in by early morning. On Friday 9pm Andy delivered our G with a fine working transmission but informed us that according to the computer we were also having a non-critical problem with our electronic gas pedal.

On the pictures you will see the magical repair shop ( even though we visited the shop at many different times we never actually witnessed any work being done on our transmission– it just seem to move from one step to the next by itself and Andy was always there to greet us with a smile and perfectly clean hands. (I guess that is how wizards work)

You will also meet other players, especially the two little friends that befriended Thomas and gave us the lucky charm that is sitting on our dash. It seems to be working very well.

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At 9pm Andrew delivers as promised.
At 9pm Andrew delivers as promised.